We increased our income by more than 30% with the arrival of Finty

Mr mehdi ahmadi

The Best Solution for Your Tv Repair Shop

No Computer Networking Needed

Certainly, one of the most important needs of a TV repair shop is to create the possibility of issuing bills and invoices for repairmen who provide repair services outside the repair shop.

With Finty, easily give all your repairmen access to use the repair shop management and accounting system and have an online network between them.

Creating access for each repairman can be customized and in addition to managing up to 2 personnel, it is completely free, and you can create access to as many as you want by paying a fee and contacting support.

Team Roles in the Repair Shop

With Finty, you will easily have general reports of the arrival and departure of TVs to the repair shop and the process of their repairs.
You can choose a repairman or repairmen for each device and control the division of tasks between them.



Financial Accounting

Leave your finances to Finty and do the accounting
Easily manage all your cash and bank transactions with Finty by recording financial documents such as receipts and payments, income and expenses, etc.

Finty's financial affairs system includes the list of debtors and creditors, fund management, check management, sales and service providers, dashboard and many other facilities.

Stock Management

If you buy and sell parts in the process of repairs, or if you also sell accessories and TV parts in your repair shop, Finty manages your repair shop and store in an integrated manner.

You can define all your goods separately by group and sub-group and in several warehouses in the system, and after each invoice is issued, the system will automatically calculate their number and stock or lack of stock.

Issue Repairshop Tickets

Of course, repairmen who perform repairs outside the repair shop always face challenges for issuing invoices and registering services.

With Finty, you can easily issue receipts for TV repairs and present them to the customer from anywhere, even with a mobile phone.

All specifications of the TV, such as brand, model, serial number, accessories, defects, etc., will be recorded in the Finty receipt.

Sending Text Messages

Does it take a long time to inform and coordinate with the customer in the process of repairing televisions?
Send a message to the customer at any stage of the repair process with Finty without the need for additional costs.
With the ability to send messages in Finty, you can send all kinds of bills and invoices, debt amounts, etc. to your customers.

Financial Performance Report

With Finty dashboard service, you will have a complete report and a summary of the entry and exit of TVs and all types of repair devices to the repair shop, the amount of profit and loss of the sales unit, the amount of repairmen's commission and the overall performance of your repair shop.

Personnel Performance Report

Do you work with your repairmen on a percentage basis?

Does it take a long time to calculate each commission amount?

With Finty, you will have a complete report of the total commission amount of the repairmen, just define the repairman's commission percentage once in the system so that after each service, the repairman's commission amount is automatically calculated and presented in his performance report.

Have a real experience of working with Finty

With the demo version, you can see all the features of Finty.