General Questions:

Finty is an integrated online accounting software designed for managing repair shops, stores, and inventory.

Finty is suitable for all service businesses, including repair shops, as well as small to medium-sized stores.

With online software, as opposed to offline software, physical presence in the workplace is unnecessary since you can access the software from anywhere and at any time. Information is not stored on your computer, reducing the risk of data loss, as all data is securely stored on Finty's powerful servers.

There is no need to invest in hardware locks or hire networking professionals for computer systems.

Finty presents a single subscription plan tailored to your specific needs. You have the flexibility to customize services according to your preferences, and as it operates online, it eliminates the need for manual updates, guaranteeing constant access to the latest version. For more details, kindly explore our pricing page.

Finty enables you to effortlessly monitor and manage all aspects of your business, including your financial affairs.

Absolutely! If it's feasible and beneficial for all users, we'll gladly consider and, if possible, implement your suggestions.

Certainly! Support is included with no additional fees. You'll receive ongoing assistance from Finty at no extra cost to you.

No, with Finty being an online platform, there's no need to pay additional costs for purchasing a server or hosting. All your information will be securely stored on Finty's servers.

Absolutely! To explore our demo, please fill out the form, and we'll quickly activate your demo account for you.

Getting started with Finty is easy! Just go to the pricing page and complete the registration form.
After that, your user account will be created and the username and password will be sent to you.

Finty eliminates the necessity of hiring an accountant, empowering you to manage your accounting independently, even without prior accounting knowledge. With the majority of tasks automated, Finty simplifies the process, making it efficient and user-friendly.

Repair Shop

Yes, you have the option to issue two types of receipts, available in printed formats on A4 or A5 sized paper. For those who are eco-friendly, an electronic receipt can be generated and sent via text message.

Yes, whether you repair mobile phones, computers, TVs, or household appliances, Finty's repair shop management caters to all your service department needs. Simply set the types of repair devices in the settings section, and you're all set!

Via SMS! Customers receive notifications when devices move to 'repair queue' and 'under repair' modes. Additionally, upon issuing an invoice, a link containing details of the invoice will be sent to them via SMS, and they can view the invoice themselves!

Absolutely! Finty is an integrated web-based software tailored for the accounting needs of retail businesses, covering stores, repair shops, and inventory management.

Not at all! You have the flexibility to customize and restrict user access, ensuring that each team member only sees the relevant information within the software.

Absolutely! You can customize commission percentages individually for each team member, specifying both sales and repair percentages. The system will take care of commission calculations automatically based on your specified percentages.


Finty empowers you to effortlessly generate various receipt and payment documents, seamlessly record your cash and bank transactions, all of which are automatically calculated and managed by the system.

With just one click, Finty provides a comprehensive list of all debtors and creditors. Additionally, you have the option to automate debt payment reminders to the respective account holders.

Finty efficiently handles the management of received checks, paid checks, and issued checks, organizing them based on different statuses. The system utilizes color-coded differentiation for checks in various situations. Additionally, Finty offers check due date reminders with accompanying messages.

Certainly! You can add all your bank accounts in the system and track transactions related to each account separately.

Simply set the commission percentage for each personnel in the system once, and the system will automatically calculate their commission after each service or sale.

Absolutely! Finty automatically provides you with the amount of profit or loss for services and sales of your business separately based on the recorded documents.

Inventory Management

Certainly! After registering an account, you can contact our support team to deactivate all menus and facilities related to the repair shop for you.

Certainly! You can define an unlimited number of warehouses and set up separate groups and subgroups for each one.

Absolutely! You can issue various types of invoices for purchases, sales, and return transactions (purchase and sales return).

Yes, the earnings of salesmen operating on a commission basis are automatically calculated. You can add your salesmen along with the percentage of their sales commission. By selecting the date range, you can easily view the total commission paid and total sales, allowing you to assess sales profit and personnel performance effortlessly.

Absolutely! The system automatically manages the inventory of goods, allowing you to effortlessly report their availability or non-availability and maintain accurate stock records.

Security and Privacy

All user information is securely stored on Finty's powerful servers. No data is stored on your personal computer, but you can export Excel files if needed from any service.

Servers are unlike home computers or laptops in terms of hardware; they follow special standards and are highly stable and reliable. However, as an added layer of security, we perform multiple daily backups of customer information on separate servers. This ensures that your data remains intact and provides you with peace of mind as you focus on the growth of your business.

No - your information is accessible only to you and the users to whom you've granted access.

1: Two-step verification activation: With this feature, no one can access your system even with a username and password.
2: Log service: Track the entry and exit of personnel from your account.
3: Login token: Additional security measure to enhance login authentication.