+1500 businesses have trusted Finty

Many businesses from various industries such as computers, mobile phones, stores, etc., manage their repair shop, accounting and warehouse affairs with Finty's integrated software.

Since 2013, we have started working with repairing laptops at Dr. Bios, and later expanded our activities to mobile phone repairs as well. During this time, we had purchased existing software for accounting and repair management, but none of them were suitable for our needs, because most of the financial and accounting software companies did not have a clear and accurate account of the needs of repair shops. So we started working ourselves! We decided to design a repair shop management program for ourselves. Our programming team started the project in 2021 and continuously developed the app and finally prepared the first version in 2022.

It was exactly what we wanted! But this project had no name until then! So we named the project Finty, which means friendship and pure.

After some time passed, we presented the commercial version as a test, and the service guilds welcomed Finty tremendously, and many new needs were raised by our customers, and our powerful technical team added new features to Finty one after the other. The facilities of the accounting, financial affairs, goods and warehouse and customer management departments were also added to the overview.

As the software became more complete and more developed, various businesses joined us and today more than 1500 small and large repair businesses and even warranty centers and stores use Finty and this became a source of pride and encouragement for us.

Customer Reviews About Finty

The satisfaction of Finty customers is a valuable honor for us.

Mr. Mehdi Ahmadi Mobo Service | Cell Phone Repair Company

Maintaining discipline in any business leads to increased productivity and income. Last year, we experienced a 30% boost in revenue with Finty.

Mr. Mohammad Fallahgol Kavoshgaran | Laptop Repair Company

The comprehensive services provided to the customer through SMS have made customers satisfied with our collection and this is the most important strength for our business.

Mr. Vahid Samimiat Apple Kashan

One of the reasons for Finty software's success is its robust and exceptional customer support team.