In my opinion, Finty's greatest strength is the simultaneous management of the repair shop and accounting!

Hamid Akbari

The Best Solution for Your Computer Repair Shop

Many Finty clients are computer and laptop repair technicians because they find everything they expect in Finty.

No Computer Networking Needed

With Finty, empower your repairmen and sellers to access the repair shop management and accounting software effortlessly, using their laptops or mobile phones. Enable them to independently issue repair shop invoices, create invoices, and manage financial documents from anywhere.


Team Roles in the Repair Shop

Assign repairmen to handle devices brought in for repair using Finty. Easily track the activity process of each repairman and personnel individually. With just one click, view the number of devices assigned to each repairman and efficiently manage their workload.

Financial Accounting

In Finty's financial section, you can easily register and report all types of financial documents such as receipt, payment, expense, income, bank to fund and fund to bank.
Due to the fact that Finty is online to avoid forgetting, you can register financial documents through your phone at any time and place.

Stock Management

Due to Finty's integration with the repair shop and accounting, you can easily manage your warehouse and sales as well.
Define all goods by group, subgroup and warehouse in the system.
Finty automatically calculates the number of goods after each purchase and sale, and you will always have a complete report of your stock.

Personnel Performance Report

Finty provides you with the profit and loss of your business separated into services and sales based on the date range.
In this service, the amount of personnel commission is also calculated according to their commission percentage.

Issue Repairshop Tickets

Of course, issuing a repair shop ticket is one of the most important needs of a repair shop. You and your company's repairmen can easily issue a repair shop invoice without any location restrictions.
All specifications of the accepted device, accessories, faults and even a photo of the device are recorded in the Finty repair shop invoice and it is presented to the customer in two forms, printed or electronic.

Efficient Repair Shop Shelf Management

Effective shelf management is crucial for laptop repair shops, especially when awaiting parts for a device under repair. With Finty, you can streamline the process by printing and attaching specialized labels to each device's parts. This ensures organization and prevents chaos, allowing you to store them neatly in designated shelves until the required components arrive.

Sending Text Messages

with Finty for the repair shop acceptance bill; Information about the latest status of the device in the repair shop; Purchase and sale invoices; Automatically send reminder messages to customers about invoices, financials, and due dates

Issuance of invoices

For the goods and parts that you provide along with computer repairs or all the computer accessories and laptops that are available in the warehouse and sales department, issue all kinds of invoices for purchase, sale, return from purchase and return from sale and in printed form or Provide electronically to the customer.

Financial Performance Report

The dashboard service in the Finty software provides a general and summary report of the status of the repair shop, input and output devices, cash balance, bank account balance, a general report of profit and loss in the shop and repair shop, and even charts of the performance of the repair shop and shop personnel. It also presents to the management.

Have a real experience of working with Finty

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