Effortless Invoicing

You can issue and present different kinds of invoices for purchases, sales, purchase return, sales return and damaged items to clients via text messages or in print. Offering online invoices can be highly impactful for improving your brand's reputation.

Item Card

Get comprehensive reports of the entry, exit and movement of items in the warehouse, categorized by date and client name. The item card report can be highly useful for tracking the specific movement of items in the warehouse.

Warehouse Product

Add various products available in your store or warehouse by providing detailed descriptions and classifying them into different categories and subcategories. You can also enter serial numbers for the in-stock products.

Instant Inventory List

Finty can also be used as an online inventory management software, so presenting an instant inventory list can be one of its special features. This is valuable because with Finty, your salespeople or sales representatives can issue sales invoices even in another city using their cell phone. Therefore, having the ability to view the instant inventory list can be very helpful.

Invoice List

A detailed information list of all issued invoices in the warehouse, including their date, price, and type is available to you. In this service, you can easily make any necessary edits to all invoices and get the reports you need.

Automatically Calculate Product Value

The "General Report" is one of the highly practical services in Finty, as it constantly monitors the value and inventory of your warehouse products. At any moment, you can view the monetary value of your warehouse products either as a whole or in various categories.