Personnel Access

Establishing a network among personnel. With Finty, you can easily create a network among any number of personnel in your company without the need for hardware locks and significant costs.

Repair Shop Ticket

The challenges in your reception process will be resolved, enabling you to easily receive devices and send tickets to your clients, all achievable with just your cell phone.

Repair Shop Shelf

When a client brings in devices for repair, you can comfortably disassemble them, attach specific labels to their components, and prevent any potential issues, including the loss of components.

Notification SMS

Finty enables you to effortlessly send text messages to your clients across various sections of your company, covering accounting, repair shop, and store management, all without the need to purchase an SMS panel.

Invoice Issuance

With Finty, you can effortlessly generate various types of invoices. Moreover, you have the option to add services for the repair service section directly to the invoice. The generated invoice can be delivered to clients either through SMS or in printed form.

Personnel Commission

Set the commission percentage for each of your staff members, allowing the system to automatically calculate their commissions. This feature provides you with a comprehensive report on the wages of your repairmen.

Effortless Invoicing

You can issue and present different kinds of invoices for purchases, sales, purchase return, sales return and damaged items to clients via text messages or in print. Offering online invoices can be highly impactful for improving your brand's reputation.

Item Card

Get comprehensive reports of the entry, exit and movement of items in the warehouse, categorized by date and client name. The item card report can be highly useful for tracking the specific movement of items in the warehouse.

Warehouse Product

Add various products available in your store or warehouse by providing detailed descriptions and classifying them into different categories and subcategories. You can also enter serial numbers for the in-stock products.

Instant Inventory List

Finty can also be used as an online inventory management software, so presenting an instant inventory list can be one of its special features. This is valuable because with Finty, your salespeople or sales representatives can issue sales invoices even in another city using their cell phone. Therefore, having the ability to view the instant inventory list can be very helpful.

Invoice List

A detailed information list of all issued invoices in the warehouse, including their date, price, and type is available to you. In this service, you can easily make any necessary edits to all invoices and get the reports you need.

Automatically Calculate Product Value

The "General Report" is one of the highly practical services in Finty, as it constantly monitors the value and inventory of your warehouse products. At any moment, you can view the monetary value of your warehouse products either as a whole or in various categories.


In the dashboard menu of Finty software, you'll discover concise and practical information about your business.

Debtors and Creditors

Through this service, you can effortlessly review and generate reports on both individual debtors and creditors, including their account balances.


Easily add and generate reports for various document types, such as receipts, payments, transactions from cash register to bank, bank to cash register, as well as income and expenses, using Finty.

Profit and Loss Calculation

Finty automatically calculates and organizes the profit and loss statements for your company, repair shop, and store, presenting them in date order.

Cash Register and Bank

After recording the cash register balance and adding bank accounts in Finty, easily track and organize all your financial transactions. You can distinguish between cash and bank transactions and generate reports based on each bank account for a more organized business.

Managing Checks

Managing the checks issued by you or the checks received from clients, and even third-party checks, is very easy in Finty. Finty can even send reminder text messages to clients when their checks are due! With Finty, you don't need to be an accountant; Finty is your accountant.

Tax Management

Finty software is designed for international use, so it can handle the tax requirements of any country. It allows you to calculate taxes separately for profits made from sales and for services provided. Additionally, Finty is flexible, so you can adjust the tax rates for different items on each invoice as needed.

Online Invoice

Clients will receive text messages with their invoices, bills, and a summary of all their financial transactions, including purchases, sales, receipts, and payments.


Finty supports a wide range of currencies, such as the Dollar, Euro, Franc, and Dirham, enabling the automatic creation of bills and invoices in your local currency. If your currency isn't listed, simply reach out to our support team, and they will add it for you.