Repair Shop Management and Reporting in Finty Software

Importance of Repair Shop Reports in Management Decision-Making:
Having comprehensive reports on the overall status of devices and their repair processes in repair shops is crucial for management decision-making.

Repair Process in Repair Shops:

Generally, from the time a device is brought for repair until it is delivered to the customer, it goes through four main stages: Queue, Under Repair, Ready for Delivery, and Delivered. Each of these stages has various subcategories, which are discussed below.

How Device Categorization Supports Business Growth:

This system allows to easily generate repair shop and technician performance reports. With insights into the status of devices, new repairs can be scheduled promptly, ensuring overall operational control.

Accessing Repair Shop Reports:

In Finty online repair shop management software, specifically designed for repair shops, you can effortlessly view the overall status of all devices in your repair shop with just one click.

Repair Shop Reports in Finty:

Devices in Finty are categorized into four main status and several sub-status, detailed further below.

Real-time Customer Notifications:

Utilizing Finty’s online capability and text message alerts, customers are informed about their device’s progress through various stages via text messages. This ensures constant customer engagement throughout the repair process.

Invoice and Delivery Estimation:

Finty provides information on the number of devices in the repair queue when issuing new tickets. This feature enables accurate estimation of delivery times for new devices.

Utilizing Reporting Services:

Through Finty’s reporting services, repaired devices can be reviewed within specific date ranges. Detailed analysis includes identifying which devices, brands, or models require the most repairs. Advanced search and filtering options in repair shop management allow access to dozens of detailed and insightful reports, which can be exported to Excel files for further analysis.