The Importance of Repair Ticketing System in Business Operations

In today’s fast-paced business environment, efficient management of repair operations is essential for maintaining customer satisfaction and optimizing productivity. A critical tool that aids in this process is the repair ticketing system. This article explores the importance of the repair ticketing system in business operations and highlights key features and benefits.

Efficient Task Organization and Prioritization:

One of the key advantages of the repair ticketing system is its ability to organize and prioritize repair tasks. When a customer requests a repair invoice, the system creates a unique file containing all relevant information, such as device details, issue description, accompanying accessories, shelf number, and service notes. Recording this information enables the repair shop to maintain exceptional orderliness, easily allocate repair tasks among technicians, and streamline task management.

Convenient Access to Repair Invoices:

In Finty software, repair invoices are available to customers in both printed and online formats. Printed repair invoices can be generated in formats such as A4, A5, and printer receipt format. Additionally, customers can receive repair invoices via SMS or online, with this feature being enabled by default and supporting 190 countries.

Streamlined Customer Communication:

The repair ticketing system serves as a centralized platform for managing repair requests, tracking work orders, and communicating with customers. This system enhances the entire repair process, from initial customer contact to job completion, and facilitates workflow management.

Real-time Device Status Monitoring:

Customers can track the status of their devices in real-time at the repair shop. When a repair acceptance invoice is registered for a customer, an automatic SMS containing a unique link is sent to the customer. By tapping the link, customers can view the online repair acceptance invoice and monitor their device’s status moment by moment at the repair shop. For example, they can see when it was accepted, when the repair status changed, or when it’s ready for pickup.

Enhanced Customer Experience:

Customers benefit from enhanced visibility and transparency throughout the repair process. They can easily view the status of their devices at the repair shop in real-time without needing to install any applications or software on their mobile phones. Furthermore, they receive SMS notifications and can access repair invoices online, improving overall satisfaction and convenience.

Additional Features for Customization and Efficiency:

Finty software offers a range of additional features to further customize and streamline repair shop operations. These include attaching images to repair invoices, printing QR code labels for repair invoices, identifying emergency or express delivery devices, selecting technicians when issuing repair acceptance invoices, and sending SMS notifications to technicians.


In conclusion, the repair ticketing system plays a crucial role in enhancing repair shop operations and improving customer satisfaction. By efficiently organizing tasks, facilitating communication, and providing real-time status updates, this system streamlines workflow management and enhances the overall repair experience for both repair shops and customers. Don’t miss the opportunity to integrate and digitize your business with Finty software today!

Navigating the Ticketing Section of the Repair Shop

To watch the comprehensive tutorial video on Finty software’s ticketing section, keep in mind that it’s easily customizable from the settings. This makes it suitable for repair shops dealing with mobile phones, computers, automobiles, televisions, motorcycles, household appliances, and any other repair-related business.