Terms and conditions

Sunday - 2023 03 December
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General Rules

Finty is a globally accessible online accounting software with an English-language user interface.

For security purposes, Finty reserves the right to request authentication information, including identification documents, from users at any time. Users are responsible for providing accurate information during the registration process, and any issues arising from incorrect information will be the customer’s responsibility.


Finty wishes to remind users that the platform cannot be held responsible for damages resulting from improper use of the software.

Customer Service

Finty is committed to offering users helpful tutorial videos and articles for assistance. Users can request guidance or advice through an in-software ticket, with a response time of less than 24 hours on working days.

Software Quality Control

While the software undergoes comprehensive testing before being made available to customers, it’s important to note that no system can guarantee absolute flawlessness; however, our dedicated programming team conducts thorough checks and promptly addresses any issues or failures that may arise.

Ownership of Finty Software

Finty is committed to all clauses of this contract. In the event that ownership of the software is transferred to another individual or legal entity in the future, the new owner will also be bound by and committed to implementing all clauses of this contract with users, as Finty has been.


Feedback on Finty is voluntary, and Finty is committed to addressing and resolving any reported problems or bugs. Customers are not entitled to compensation or refunds under any circumstances. Finty does not guarantee the resolution of all reported problems. The decision to correct or update feedback is at Finty’s discretion, and customers have no right to object.

Finty representatives

Finty currently does not have an official representative in any country and does not engage in partnerships with other companies. However, we may explore collaborations with representatives in various countries in the future. Please check the Representatives section for an updated list if such partnerships are established.

User Account Suspension

In the event of any attempt by a user or a third party to hack the system, engage in reverse engineering, copying, or any activity that may compromise the security or operation of the service, Finty reserves the right to suspend the user’s account and seek compensation. Finty also holds the authority to promptly terminate a user’s account or that of any authorized user with access to the software if deemed necessary for emergency security, legal, or other pertinent reasons.

Software Features

Finty provides users with the features of the standard software version and may introduce additional features and extensions, some of which may be offered for free, while others may be available for purchase. Users have the option to activate or acquire these features as desired.

Contract Cancellation

During the free trial period, users have the option to request account cancellation and deletion of their personal data.

Disclosure of Identity 

Finty reserves the right to disclose, either verbally or in writing, your identity as a Finty user on its website or social media for marketing, advertising, or similar purposes without your consent.

Confirmation and Acceptance

All terms within this agreement, as accepted by both Finty and the customer, customer’s representative, or software user, are duly approved by the parties involved. The customer, fully aware of and in agreement with all provisions outlined in this agreement, hereby requests to use Finty software’s services.


User Responsibility for Username and Password Protection

The user must protect their username and password; any consequences resulting from third-party disclosure are the user’s responsibility.

Privacy and Personal Information

Finty recognizes that, in delivering its services, it may access personal information, including IP address, browser details, statistical and analytical data, and customer-inputted data. Finty commits to using this personal information solely for the purpose of enhancing service delivery.

Access to Information

Finty reserves the right to update the software or its services at any time, ensuring that such updates do not substantially compromise performance or security.

  • This software is intended for lawful business activities. In compliance with the laws of each country, if judicial authorities request customer information, Finty will provide relevant information to government, police, or judicial authorities.


Probability of Server Unavailability

In the event of issues such as natural disasters or internet disruptions, Finty is not obligated to provide services to customers.

Virus Protection

Finty commits to employing industry-standard anti-virus protection software, exerting every effort to safeguard the software against malicious codes. The customer agrees to utilize industrial anti-virus software and take reasonable measures to prevent the software or customer data from being infected with malicious codes. Both parties agree to promptly inform each other upon the discovery of malicious code in the software or customer data. Finty assumes responsibility for removing malicious code from customer data.

Information Security

Finty secures your data with automatic backups multiple times a day, ensuring utmost reliability. If service-related issues arise, we reserve the right to restore the latest backup copy, reflecting your data up to 24 hours prior. Please note that after data restoration, we cannot be held responsible for any loss of data after the return, and compensation or refunds cannot be requested. Your understanding is appreciated.

Data Backup

While Finty is dedicated to preserving user information and privacy, in the unlikely event of a hardware issue impacting Finty’s server or host and resulting in data loss, we guarantee the swift restoration of a backup copy of your information to your user account. This recovery process ensures a maximum time difference of 24 hours before the occurrence of the failure. Rest assured that our network infrastructure and hardware maintain a high level of security and reliability.


Monthly – Annual Subscription Fee

Fees for subscription to Finty may vary depending on the use of services or special services. For more information, please refer to the pricing page.

Subscription Fee Increase:In our ongoing commitment to delivering exceptional service, we may increase subscription fees annually. To maintain transparency, you will receive a notification 30 days before the new rates take effect.

Save Password

Finty cannot be held responsible for unauthorized access or tampering of customer information by a third party who gains access through the customer’s password and logs in to their user account. It is the customer’s responsibility to protect their username and password, and they are accountable for any disclosure of access information to their user account.

Information Storage

¬†Upon payment of the membership fee, the user is granted access to all their information. Each user is allowed to create and utilize one account per business. If Finty identifies the use of multiple user accounts by a single user, it reserves the right to suspend said accounts without prior notice. The resolution of such matters is at the judgment of Finty’s support team, unless the user settles the subscription fee for the additional accounts.

  • If a user chooses not to renew their software subscription, Finty commits to retaining the user’s information for a duration of 60 days without charging any fees. Subsequently, for each month of non-payment by the user, a 20% fee of the subscription cost will be applied for information retention. If subscription remains unpaid for a year, Finty is released from the obligation to maintain the data, and the user’s information will be permanently deleted.


Moving Servers and Hosts

Finty retains the right to move its hosts or servers without prior notice or consent from customers, and customers are not entitled to object in this matter.

New Features

Finty is not obligated to introduce new features in the software, and customers acknowledge the listed features on the features page when requesting to use the software.

Finty reserves the right to update the terms and is committed to keeping customers informed via email about any updates.