In the dashboard menu of Finty software, you'll discover concise and practical information about your business.

Debtors and Creditors

Through this service, you can effortlessly review and generate reports on both individual debtors and creditors, including their account balances.


Easily add and generate reports for various document types, such as receipts, payments, transactions from cash register to bank, bank to cash register, as well as income and expenses, using Finty.

Profit and Loss Calculation

Finty automatically calculates and organizes the profit and loss statements for your company, repair shop, and store, presenting them in date order.

Cash Register and Bank

After recording the cash register balance and adding bank accounts in Finty, easily track and organize all your financial transactions. You can distinguish between cash and bank transactions and generate reports based on each bank account for a more organized business.

Managing Checks

Managing the checks issued by you or the checks received from clients, and even third-party checks, is very easy in Finty. Finty can even send reminder text messages to clients when their checks are due! With Finty, you don't need to be an accountant; Finty is your accountant.