1. 1. Definitions:
    1.1 Finty: Refers to the online accounting software and repair shop management.
    1.2 User: Refers to any individual or organization using Finty software.
  2. 2. Collected Information:
    2.1 Personal Information: Finty may collect and store personal information from users, including account information, financial details, and other information related to the software.
    2.2 Privacy Assurance: The collected information is exclusively used for providing online accounting services and enhancing the quality of software services, with a commitment not to be shared in any way.
  3. 3. Privacy Protection:
    3.1 Access Restriction: Only individuals authorized and introduced by the user have access to user account information.
    3.2 Data Protection: User data is preserved and protected using powerful security measures. Finty’s protocols, servers, and security layers, coupled with proper data management methods, make every effort to safeguard user information and prevent unauthorized access.
  4. 4. Notification:
    4.1 Notification of Changes: Users will receive email notifications for any changes made to the privacy policy and terms and conditions.
    4.2 Email Preferences: Users can manage their email preferences, including unsubscribing from Finty emails and newsletters, by clicking on the unsubscribe link at the bottom of the email.
  5. 5. User Rights:
    5.1 Access and Modification Right: Users, as long as they pay the subscription fee, reserve the right to access and modify their data.
    5.2 User Data Deletion Right: Users can discontinue Finty services at any time and delete their personal data.
    5.3 Finty’s Data Deletion Right: If more than 6 months (180 days) have passed since the user’s last subscription payment to Finty, Finty reserves the right to delete all user data without prior notice.
    5.4 Username and Password Safety: Users are responsible for keeping their username and password secure. To prevent any potential misuse, users are advised not to share this information. Additionally, if a user intentionally or unintentionally discloses their username and password for any reason, they accept responsibility for this action and waive the right to make any claims, complaints, or objections against Finty.
    5.5 Protection Against Username and Password Sharing: Please be aware that Finty’s support team will never ask for your usernames and passwords through email or messaging apps. If you encounter any request or message seeking this information, kindly refrain from disclosing any details.
    5.6 Improper Use of Finty Software: Tutorial videos are available for all features and sections of the software. If, for any reason, a user adds incorrect financial information in the Finty software, they assume responsibility for any potential damages arising from their inability or mistake in adding information and waive the right to make any claims against Finty.
  6. 6. No Data Sharing:
    6.1 No Third-Party Sharing: Finty commits not to transfer personal data to any individual or third party without user consent.
  7. 7. Amendments:
    7.1 Changes to the Agreement: Finty reserves the right to change the terms of the privacy agreement, with users notified via email.