Real-time Inventory Management

Real-time Inventory Control in Warehouse and Accounting Software

Effective inventory management is essential for the smooth operation of any business. With various accounting software programs supporting inventory and goods management services, businesses can choose software based on their specific needs. However, for simultaneous management of both accounting and inventory, it is crucial to select software that integrates these functions seamlessly. Finty’s online accounting, warehouse management, and repair shop management software is designed to integrate these functionalities, especially for service businesses that also handle the sale of goods and parts.

Features of Real-time Inventory Management in Finty

Automatic Inventory Updates

Finty’s online nature allows the system to automatically update inventory levels after each purchase and sale. This real-time update capability ensures that stock levels are accurately controlled and that out-of-stock items are promptly listed. This feature provides the most up-to-date reports on available and unavailable items, enabling businesses to make informed decisions.

Detailed Inventory Categorization

In Finty, items can be categorized into multiple distinct warehouses, groups, and subgroups. This detailed categorization helps managers easily search for and track the movement of specific items. For businesses with large inventories or multiple storage locations, this feature streamlines inventory management and ensures efficient operations.

Cell Phone Accessibility

One of the standout features of Finty is its cell phone accessibility. Sellers operating outside of a traditional store can accurately view inventory levels, place orders, or issue sales invoices using just their cell phones. This flexibility ensures that sales teams can operate effectively from any location, improving customer service and sales efficiency.

Reorder Point Settings

Finty allows managers to set reorder points for each item, a crucial feature for preventing the depletion of popular goods. By setting minimum stock levels, the system can alert managers when it’s time to reorder, ensuring that high-demand items are always available and reducing the risk of stock-outs.

Real-time Inventory Valuation

With Finty’s real-time inventory management system, managers can view the total value of all items in the store at any time. This feature provides a clear overview of inventory value, helping businesses make better financial decisions and manage their resources more effectively.