The speed of collection work and coordination between people has increased a lot with Finty and this issue has had a great impact on my income.

Reza Abbasi

The Best Solution for Your Cell Phone Repair Shop

More than 70% of Finty users are cell phone repair technicians because they find everything they expect in Finty.

No Computer Networking Needed

Do you have multiple repairers and dealers?
Don't worry about coordination between your personnel anymore with Finty.
Easily create a network between personnel and allow them customized access to the system so that they can issue bills or invoices from anywhere.
The work order of your personnel will be doubled with Finty.

Issuance of invoices

For any goods that are sold in the repair department or accessories and phones that you have in the warehouse and in the sales department, issue all types of invoices for purchase, sale, return from purchase and return from sale and present them to the customer in printed or electronic form. .

Team Roles in the Repair Shop

When accepting the device, designate a repairer or repairers for the device and put it in the personal panel of those repairers and always have the most up-to-date report on the performance of each of the personnel and their repair process.

Financial Accounting

Easily manage the finances of your collection with Finty.
Record all financial transactions including receipt, payment, bank to fund, fund to bank, income and expenses.
Finty automatically calculates the balance of the bank and fund and the bills of the parties after registering each transaction, and you will always have the most accurate report of your account with each person.

Stock Management

In addition to your services, do you also work in the sales department?
Manage your repair shop and store simultaneously and seamlessly with FInty.
Export all your goods in the system separately by group and sub-group with details and purchase and sale price, definition and types of purchase and sale invoices.

Issue Repairshop Tickets

Does it take you a lot of time to record the specifications of each device and its faults and accessories?
With Finty, with just a few clicks, you can register all the specifications of the repair devices in the system and issue the acceptance bill in both printed and electronic forms.

Efficient Repair Shop Shelf Management

Assign a shelf to all devices entering the repair shop.
With Finty's shelf service and label printing, you can easily stick your own label on all the parts of the opened phones and avoid losing parts or any problems.

Sending Text Messages

You are definitely aware of the impact of CRM on the income of your repair shop or store.
In Finty, you can send acceptance bills, invoices, debtors' account balances, device repair status notifications, etc. as messages to the customer.
Definitely, the ability to send Finty SMS will be one of the strengths of your CRM and will bring the highest level of customer satisfaction.

Financial Performance Report

You must have needed a general report of your business performance.
With its dashboard service, Finty provides you with a complete and summary report of the input and output of the repair shop, the amount of profit and loss of the store, the amount of personnel commission and the overall performance of the repair shop and store.

Personnel Performance Report

Using Finty, you will have a complete report on the performance of your repairmen and personnel.
By defining the commission percentage of each repairman, the total amount of repairman's commission can be registered and visible in the system at any time.
With this feature, the profit and loss of your business is also accurately calculated separately for each service or sale.

Have a real experience of working with Finty

With the demo version, you can see all the features of Finty.