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Finty offers comprehensive repair management with a tailored end-to-end workflow for your entire repair business, all in one place.


In Finty, you can issue sales invoices with or without taxes, and the tax section is highly flexible for different countries.

Repair Ticketing System

The challenges in your reception process will be resolved, enabling you to easily receive devices and send tickets to your clients, all achievable with just your cell phone.

Direct Client SMS Service

Finty enables you to effortlessly send text messages to your clients across various sections of your company, covering accounting, repair shop, and store management, all without the need to purchase an SMS panel.

Team Access Control

Establishing a network among personnel. With Finty, you can easily create a network among any number of personnel in your company without the need for hardware locks and significant costs.

Smart Inventory & Shelf Management

When a client brings in devices for repair, you can comfortably disassemble them, attach specific labels to their components, and prevent any potential issues, including the loss of components.

Efficient Inventory Management

Add various products available in your store or warehouse by providing detailed descriptions and classifying them into different categories and subcategories. You can also enter serial numbers for the in-stock products.

Invoicing & Service Billing

With Finty, you can effortlessly generate various types of invoices. Moreover, you have the option to add services for the repair service section directly to the invoice. The generated invoice can be delivered to clients either through SMS or in printed form.

Smart Personnel Sales & Commissions

Set the commission percentage for each of your staff members, allowing the system to automatically calculate their commissions. This feature provides you with a comprehensive report on the wages of your repairmen.

Profit and Loss Calculation

Finty automatically calculates and organizes the profit and loss statements for your company, repair shop, and store, presenting them in date order.

Financial Document Management

Easily add and generate reports for various document types, such as receipts, payments, transactions from cash register to bank, bank to cash register, as well as income and expenses, using Finty.

Debtors and Creditors

Through this service, you can effortlessly review and generate reports on both individual debtors and creditors, including their account balances.

Smart Check & Cash Flow Control

After recording the cash register balance and adding bank accounts in Finty, easily track and organize all your financial transactions. You can distinguish between cash and bank transactions and generate reports based on each bank account for a more organized business.

Real-Time Inventory Valuation

The "General Report" is one of the highly practical services in Finty, as it constantly monitors the value and inventory of your warehouse products. At any moment, you can view the monetary value of your warehouse products either as a whole or in various categories.

Finty is different as it is Integrated Web Based User Friendly cost-effective

Finty was integrally designed to meet all your repair shop and store management needs.

More about Finty

You might be wondering:

It's web-based, eliminating the need for software downloads. Just register, connect to the internet, and start working.
No hosting or server purchases required.

Shortly after filling in the registration form, you will receive an email with your username, password, tutorial videos and articles.

Absolutely! Finty is an integrated software, allowing you to effortlessly manage your repair shop, store, and inventory.

"For information about the price of the basic version of the software, which includes all features, you can refer to the pricing page."

We currently support PayPal, Stripe (MasterCard and Visa), Payoneer, and Ziraat Bankası. If your country doesn't have access to any of these gateways, feel free to reach out to our support team for assistance.

Currently, Finty is available in English, with plans to expand language options in the future.