Issue all kinds of purchase and sales invoices, etc., in both electronic and printed forms

Cardex goods

Have a detailed report of the circulation of each of the goods in the warehouse by date and account party.

goods introduction

Register all the products of your store in the system with all the details and the purchase and sale price

Goods report

Always have a complete list of your available and non-available products by automatically calculating the number of products

List of invoices

Have a list of all invoices issued in the warehouse with date, price and details and easily filter the invoice you want.

Value of goods

By automatically calculating the amount of purchases and sales, you will have the most up-to-date report of the total value of your collection.

SMS Notification with Electronic Invoices: Easily send SMS notifications along with electronic invoices to your customers, enhancing communication and convenience.

Service Details Inclusion: Include detailed information about services in addition to sales on your invoices, providing a comprehensive overview of the transaction.

 Price Tracking: View purchase prices and the latest selling prices of items during invoice issuance, allowing for transparency and informed decision-making.

 Flexible Financial Documentation: Easily insert financial documents during invoice issuance, specifying whether the transaction is in cash, on credit, via check, and more.

 Differential Purchase Prices: Add items to invoices with varying purchase prices, easily distinguishing and categorizing them at the time of sale.

Goods cardex :                                                                                                                                              The product cardex is a report that displays the detailed movement of goods in the warehouse. In this report, the incoming quantity, outgoing quantity, and the balance of a product are shown along with the incoming amount, outgoing amount, and the remaining amount

Personnel cardex:                                                                                                                                    This service displays all transactions of the organization with the counterparty, along with details of the services or sales performed. With the Individuals Cardex service in Finty, it is easy to access comprehensive details of each person’s microtransactions

Initial Inventory Item Setup :

In the introduction section of Finty products, you can easily categorize all the initial inventory items of your collection into various warehouses, groups, and distinct subgroups. You can enter the purchase and sale prices for each item, and assign a unique product code to each item

Displaying Inventory of Goods :

In Finty, you can easily and with just one click generate reports listing all available or unavailable inventory items in categorized lists.

After each purchase and sale, the system automatically calculates the number of goods in stock and provides you with a separate report of goods or non-existent stock, and you can easily know the value of your stock.

After entering all types of invoices in Finty, you can view and report all your issued invoices.
Filter invoices based on account plan, invoice type, date, etc. and easily view the invoice you want.

By automatically recording the inventory of goods by their purchase and sale price, you will always have the most up-to-date report on the value of the goods and the amount of your sales profit.