In the Finty software dashboard menu, you will find concise and practical information about your business

Debtors and Creditors

Using this service, you can easily view and report collections or individuals who are debtors or creditors along with the account balance.


With Finty's Easily register and track all types of documents including receipt, payment, fund to bank, bank to fund, income and expenses.


Finty automatically calculates the profit and loss of your collection in certain historical intervals.

cash and bank

Record and manage all bank transactions of accounts and cash transactions separately.


Manage incoming and outgoing checks and put them in different statuses.

General Performance Overview:
– Provides a comprehensive overview of the overall performance of the organization and its personnel, offering key insights into various operational aspects.
Monthly and Annual Accepted Device Reports:
– Generates reports on the monthly and annual count of accepted devices, offering insights into the growth or changes in the acceptance of devices.
Monthly and Annual Repaired Device Reports:
– Provides reports on the monthly and annual count of repaired devices, offering visibility into the maintenance and repair operations.
Monthly and Annual Sales Reports:
– Generates reports on monthly and annual sales figures, helping track revenue trends and identify successful periods.
Service Records for Each Staff Member:
– Allows users to view a detailed breakdown of services performed by each staff member, facilitating performance analysis and accountability.
Commission Details for Each Staff Member:
– Provides a breakdown of commission amounts for each staff member, offering transparency into the financial incentives tied to their performance.
Commission Graphs for Staff:
– Displays graphical representations of commission trends for staff members, allowing for visual analysis of performance and earnings over time.

Finty debtors service facilities:
View the list of all the people who owe the collection
Ability to send SMS reminders and account settlement requests
View account details of each side of the account
View invoices issued for each side of the account
Viewing the total account balance of the debtors of the collection
The possibility of financial inclusion directly from the debtors service
Finty creditors service facilities :
View the list of all creditors of the collection
View the total account balance of creditors
View the invoice and details of each creditor
The possibility of financial inclusion and direct payment from the creditor service

Finty Finance menu functionality :
Registration of received documents including account deposit, cash receipt and check receipt
Registration of payment documents, including deposit to the account, cash payment, issuing of checks and spending of received checks.
Transfer money from fund to bank, from bank to fund
Registration of expenses in different groups of expenses and registration of income financial documents.

Calculation of sales profit : The sales profit service in the accounting section of Finty online software calculates the amount of profit and loss of the collection in the sales department by the amount of sales, the amount of each seller’s commission, the amount of discounts and according to the purchase and sale price of each product and calculates the amount of profit or loss of the collection provides you with

Calculation of service profit : Service profit service in Finty online software accounting department calculates the amount of profit and loss of the collection in the service department according to the types of services performed, the commission percentage of each repairman and the amount of discounts comprehensively and automatically.

Check management:
Finty’s check management section includes the display of all received and issued checks for the collection in different states, which provides the ability to search, manage and report for different check states.
You can categorize checks into different statuses including cleared, cashed, bounced, etc. In addition, features such as changing check status, setting check due date reminders, filtering checks by account, etc. are available in this menu.

Bank account management:
There are extensive features in the banking sector which are mentioned below:    1. Registration of bank transactions: registration of various transactions such as deposits to the account, withdrawals from the account, etc.
2. Monitoring account balances: With Finty accounting software, you can track the current balance of your bank account and prepare a report on the history of bank account transactions.
3. Definition of several banks and accounts: In Finty, you can define all your bank accounts in the system and manage them.

Cash management in Finty
With Finty you can manage all cash transactions of your collection and fund.