Staff access

Creating a network among staff. With Finty, easily create a network among any number of staff in your organization without the need for hardware locks and high expenses

Repairshop recept

all the challenges in your reception process will be solved, allowing you to easily accept devices and send invoices to customers, even using your mobile phone

Workshop Shelf

Whenever a device comes to the repair table, you can comfortably open it, attach specific labels to its components, and prevent any potential issues.

Notification SMS

With Finty, you can easily send text messages to accounts and customers in different parts of your collection, including accounting, repair shop and store management, without the need to buy a SMS panel.

Invoice issuance

In Finty, you can easily issue various types of invoices. Additionally, you can add services to the invoice for the repair service section. You can present the invoice to the customer through SMS or print


Determine the commission percentage of each of your personnel so that the system will automatically calculate their commission and you will have a complete report of the repairmen's wages.

Account Verification by Management:

Management has the capability to check and verify the accounts of each user.

Adding or Restricting Custom Access for Each User:

Admins can add or restrict customized access levels for each user based on their role or responsibilities.

 Percentage Assignment and Profit Calculation for Sales and Services for Each Staff Member:

Users can set percentages and calculate profits for sales and services individually for each staff member.

 Two-Factor Authentication Activation via SMS:

Enhanced security features include the activation of two-factor authentication via SMS for each staff member.

 Activation of Unlimited Staff Introductions Beyond the Initial 3:

The support department can facilitate the activation of unlimited staff introductions beyond the initial three.

Multi-Device Accessibility for All Users, Including Mobile Phones:

Users have the flexibility to access the system from any smart device, including mobile phones.

Finty’s repair shop ticket comprehensively captures all vital information, including:

Customer Details: Full customer information, from name and contact to ID specifics.

Device Specs: Detailed data on the device being repaired for complete service records.

Device Issues: Clear documentation of device faults to specify repair actions.

Device Accessories: Inventory of related accessories or parts for effective tracking.

Signatures: Designated areas for customer and company signatures to validate the service agreement.

Technician Notes: Technician’s detailed account of the repairs for full transparency.

Contracts: Access to any related repair shop contracts to ensure legal adherence.

Other features of the Finty Shelf Service :

Default Placement of New Shelves

Automatic Detection of Empty Shelves

Reporting Capability for Devices in Shelves

Viewing Shelf History

One of the biggest concerns of repairmen is communication with the customer and keeping the customer informed about the repair process. Finty has solved many problems by automatically sending SMS and eliminated additional customer calls. In finty , SMS will be sent to the customer when registering a new acceptance, changing the status of the device, delivering the device, issuing a purchase and sales invoice, and you will not need to call and make time-consuming arrangements.

Other Finty SMS features:

Using Finty’s SMS sending system, you can send all types of receipts, micro-invoices and account reminders to debtors.

SMS Notification with Electronic Invoices: Easily send SMS notifications along with electronic invoices to your customers, enhancing communication and convenience.

Service Details Inclusion: Include detailed information about services in addition to sales on your invoices, providing a comprehensive overview of the transaction.

 Price Tracking: View purchase prices and the latest selling prices of items during invoice issuance, allowing for transparency and informed decision-making.

 Flexible Financial Documentation: Easily insert financial documents during invoice issuance, specifying whether the transaction is in cash, on credit, via check, and more.

 Differential Purchase Prices: Add items to invoices with varying purchase prices, easily distinguishing and categorizing them at the time of sale.

Features of Finty’s personnel report service :

The ability to determine the percentage of sales and services separately for each personnel.
Recording financial transactions for personnel when issuing exit invoices.
Displaying the commission amount for each personnel separately.
Automatically calculating the receivable or payable amount of the commission.
Displaying the account balance and transactions with each personnel.