Staff Log

Business managers using Finty software can have precise control over their staff’s access to various modules such as accounting software or repair shop management. For instance, they can track which staff members logged into the system, at what date and time, and from which IP address. Such reports can be highly valuable for company managers at times.

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Every person who is the party of your collection account will be included in the list of users.

In this service, it is possible to define users with all their specifications and categorize them into different user groups such as customers, colleagues, repairmen, etc.

One of the most important features of Finty user service is the possibility to determine the balance of the first period for each person. In this way, you can easily have people’s previous account balance in the system.

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Finty’s great feature is its web-based access service, eliminating the need for costly hardware locks on each employee’s computer. The account holder, the manager, can authorize Finty access for up to two additional staff members. Discover how to assign various access levels to your team by watching the video bellow.

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